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Our Facebook page has 113,898 page likes as of June 6 and thousands of image posts. Come check our our facebook page by clicking the button above.

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Our Facebook Group has 1,752 members as of June 6 and is for our VIP dedicated hard core Rednecks. It allows our members to present posts in which the admins approve or dis-approve depending if the posts follow Facebook guidelines. Click the button above and join us as we continue to grow.

About Camp

RedneckCamp™ is a place in Arizona where like minded folk come together to enjoy the Redneck activites and lifestyle. Branded in 2005 we have taken on the traditions of Redenecks past. And will contiue to thrive for years to come.

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This site is currently under construction and will be updated here shortly. Please come back to see the changes as we evolve.